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So you've heard of <strong>USPLabs TEST Powder</strong>.<p/>Without even knowing it, you just took the first step in your epic transformation.<p/>Now it's time to take the next step - learn and prepare.<p/>Click the image for our <a
href='http://www.testpowder.org/#what-is-test-powder' title='USPLabs Test Powder Review'>TEST Powder Review</a> with everything you need to know to start your <strong>ALPHA ACTIVATION</strong>. We know it's alpha, but you don't have to take <em>our</em> word for it!<p/>We let you rate according to Strength Gains, Bodyfat / Muscle Mass Changes, Mood / Libido / ALPHA Intensity, and Overall Value.<p/>So read the <strong><a
href='http://www.testpowder.org/reviews' title='Reviews on Test Powder'>Test Powder Reviews</a></strong> from the <em>real</em> users, or add your own! It's <strong>all</strong> about the ingredient profile.<p/>With TEST Powder, <span
class='underline'>USPLabs delivers</span>, and then some.<p/>We break each one down at the <a
href='http://www.testpowder.org/ingredients' title='USPLabs Test Powder Ingredients'>TEST Powder Ingredients</a> page.<p/>This is the page for the 'nuts-and-bolts' guy in you.<p/>No nonsense.  Just pure science. TEST Powder is just the beginning.<p/>USPLabs revamped the 'Asteroid Stack' and made the most ferocious muscle-building stack yet: <strong>The Asteroid Stack 2.0</strong>!<p/>With Jack3d Micro pre-workout, this stack will have you obliterating PRs like crazy!<p/>Read about the <a
href='http://www.testpowder.org/stack' title='USPLabs Muscle-Building Stack'>Test Powder STACK</a> now!


Walking with confidence. Lifting with animal aggression. And growing like a weed!
Using Test Powder, you will naturally boost your own testosterone levels - quickly giving you increased strength, muscle mass, and the alpha mindset you were born to have!

Unleash Your Inner Alpha!

The stage was set. The talk had been talked. Training time was done. It was now the moment to see who would be the last man standing.

So when former light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin was caught on camera screaming, veins popping from his neck, yelling at the top of his lungs,


Matt Griffin - Show Me the Animal!

We can’t all be UFC champions, but we can still learn something from them
Note: This product is not used by, affiliated with, or endorsed by Griffin in any manner

…you could sense the desperation. He was screaming to motivate his trainee to bring the fight home like a raging animal, to attack and leave it all out on the floor… to turn on his beast mode and just unleash that primal strength that has been known to rip every opponent to shreds.

Griffin’s trainee, Matt Brown, just didn’t have that killer instinct turned on inside him in that fight. He did go on to win, but he wasn’t the dominating alpha his coach expected him to be.

What We Can Learn from the “Men Amongst Men”

Nobody expects you to be as insane as the guys from this scene in Ultimate Fighter, but something can be learned from men like Griffin: Everyone has an animal inside.

Whether or not you show it when it comes down to crunch-time is between your training, your diet, and your will to succeed. We can help you with the first 2 of those – the last one is up to you.

Despite what parts of society says is best for you, we WANT you to unleash your inner animal. But – at the right time and place: in the gym, on the playing field, when in danger.

It’s not a strange request – as men, this is what we’re wired for: to have more than enough power to be the ultimate predator, the deadliest hunter, the leader of the pack. In the animal kingdom, and throughout history, there has always been one who can unleash such vigorous superiority at will: THE ALPHA.

Now, more than ever, you can be that guy.

With proper diet, training, and the final edge from supplementation, you can UNLEASH YOUR INNER ALPHA with USP Labs Test Powder!

Introducing TEST Powder:
The #1 Natural Testosterone Boosting Supplement

TEST Powder is the new natural testosterone-boosting supplement from USPLabs (the same guys who brought you Jack3d and OxyELITE Pro). It is loaded with an incredibly balanced ingredient profile that is strong, yet very safe.

This is my TEST Powder Review, and I’m writing it because I love it. I am not paid by USPLabs to do so, and I’m not an employee or rep for them.

TEST Powder brings you these Alpha-Activating Benefits:

With an incredible ingredient profile discussed below, TEST Powder turns workouts into personal wars. The inner-intensity you’ve been missing out on is now here.

This is something that a simple caffeinated pre workout supplement can’t just give you. It’s not like that. It’s much more – it’s within you.

When on TEST Powder, any shred of self-doubt disappears. The weights get lighter and the gym gets smaller. Everything is achievable, and everything is under control and magnitudes more fun.

Be That Guy Destroying the Weightroom or Playing Field

Occasionally, you get a ferocious workout. Added weight. Extra sets. Tunnel vision. Even a longer cardio cool-down.

When I’m on TEST Powder, these things happen EVERY single time. Hell, screw that extra cardio cool-down. Let’s just lift til we drop, and then eat til we pass out.

You don’t care what others think of you. Because during gym time, they are less than you. They can follow, they can try and keep up, or they can do their own thing and go home – you simply don’t care because you are the leader.

If you want to experience a month where basically everything is like that, then it’s time to look at the nuts and bolts of TEST Powder, and then decide if you should experience it for yourself.

What Everyone is Saying about TEST Powder

After 2 rounds of beta testing, it was clear: USPLabs created a winner. This revolutionary Alpha Activator redefines the very limits of safe and natural supplementation. Here’s what beta-testers have to say about the alpha edge that is Test Powder.

John’s Review – Feeling Fearless

Week 4 Assessment: TEST Powder has made me fearless. I’m pumped, I’m attacking the weights, and I’m destroying the machines. Lots of PRs, lots of compliments.

My lady LOVED the “nighttime benefits”. I did too.. but i also loved the crazy good sleep that came after!!
– John, 32, Chicago, IL

Ronnie – Reviewing While Dieting Down on Keto

The TESTPowder Beta lined up with my cutting diet – I was on keto and willing to accept some strength loss. To my dismay, I lost NO strength, and the cut was one of my best ever!

Could not believe this endurance! Rest between sets? Who needs it!?

Most fun you could have working out while cutting. Lots of euphoria and a great upbeat mood. Can’t wait to time up a cycle with my next bulk too, I bet I can crush carbs with it.

– Ronnie, 29, ID

Travis’s Review – Young and Bulking

It took me a bit to figure out dosing. Other beta testers liked it with foods, I took it on an empty stomach pre workout. Awesome pumps, crazy confidence.

Six PRs while on this stuff, but most importantly, I put on 4lbs and dropped about 1% bodyfat.. so I put on over 5lbs of muscle!!! What a crazy month!

Pretty much one PR for every muscle group – had growth everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE.
– Travis, 22, TX

Nick, On Video

Nick is more or less a regular guy who’s been attacking it hard at the gym. When combined with Jack3d Micro, he’s been making crazy gains on TESTPowder, and has been feeling invincible in the gym. Check his quick review and subscribe to his channel!

…Bigger and Harder?!

That’s right… thanks to the increased testosterone, the nitric oxide boosters, and the extra growth hormone production… even your man-parts will a touch harder and bigger. I’m not promising you miracles, but there’s definitely some growth for me.

Yet there’s NO side effects after you get off – muscle sticks around if your diet and training stay tight!

TEST Powder’s about as strong as you can get a testosterone booster to be, without all of the nonsense and problems that come with anything stronger. A perfect mix of strength and safety!

You can read the rest of the reviews at the TEST Powder Reviews page, and leave your own when your 4 weeks are up.

Even the Haters Can’t Hate

The previous testosterone booster from USPLabs, Pink Magic, caught a lot of flak due to its marketing slogans and advertisements. So some people might not be so sure about this one… until you look at the ingredients.

This was seen on another site’s discussion forum:

Not a fan of USPLabs.. not into Jack3d and PM was a joke.

But that ingredient profile is legit. Of these new test boosting powders with DAA this is the one I’d use

I’ll disagree with him not being into Jack3d, but he’s dead on with the ingredient profile. It’s legit. So if you want to get into the details, see them below.

Click Here to Try Test Powder at the best-priced store!

..or see the price compares to the right!

The TEST Powder Ingredients – A Breakdown Review

TEST Powder is loaded with natural testosterone boosters, nitric oxide pump and delivery enhancers, and growth hormone modulators that pack your body with overwhelming energy, giving you a beastly athletic edge.

But what’s causing the increased testosterone, confidence, nitric oxide pumps, fat loss, incredible sleep, and crazy workouts where you hardly feel tired? Each ingredient brings something major to the table – let’s break it down now:

With regards to these ingredients, DAA is an incredible testosterone-boosting ingredient – nobody is going to argue with that. TEST Powder simply has a FAR superior supporting cast than any other DAA-containing supplement.

While the competitors are putting in cheap, practically useless fillers like glutamine in theirs, USPLabs added a ton of ingredients that are very beneficial, but chances are that you’re not getting any of them in unless you are an extremely experienced supplement junkie.

It’s the best of both worlds – tons of effective stuff, but likely no overlap with the rest of your daily regimen. I’ve now taken a cycle of DAA alone, and two cycles of TEST Powder. There’s no doubt that Test Powder smokes the DAA in every way imaginable – and the studies prove it.

Click Here to Try Test Powder at the best-priced store!

..or see the price compares to the right!

To read more about the detailed ingredients, see our TEST Powder Ingredients page.

How’s it Taste?

As I write this, fruit punch is the only flavor. It tastes very good considering that the primary ingredient is D-Aspartic Acid — which brings a bit of bitterness. So USPlabs does an incredible job to cover up this bitterness. It’s definitely a touch on the tart side.

In the grand scheme of things, this will not be your favorite-tasting supplement, but it will be on the upper-end of things. Unlike some other stuff out there, you won’t need to plug your nose and choke it down. USPLabs is far too big and successful of a company to ever put out a product like that.

The sweeteners are Acesulfame-K and Sucralose (the stuff that’s in Splenda). No aspartame or sugar here!

The coloring is very pink.

Is it Safe? What Side Effects and Precautions Do I Take?

If you read the ingredients listing above, you’ll see that everything in TEST Powder is naturally-occurring. There are no crazy, synthetic ingredients that start with numbers and have pharmaceutical-sounding names that require an organic chemist to figure out.

But just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it can’t do anything. These ingredients do work, and we have the research and reviews to back it up.

As mentioned before, TEST Powder is strong enough for you to feel it and succeed with it, but not so strong that you’re going to have epic side effects. The most common side effect comes from users who take it on an empty stomach and get a nauseated feeling.

This is why it’s best to start with it during a meal (preferably your pre-workout meal to take advantage of the pumps). But if you work out in a fasted state (empty stomach), then eventually you should try it then and see how you feel.

Of course, with increased testosterone comes everything along with it. You’re not going to rage, but you’re definitely going to have some confidence and motivation – do something USEFUL with it! I find myself speaking louder, and generally caring less about other things going on around me – especially in the gym. It’s tunnel-vision of a different kind.

Stretch Marks?! Seriously??

Another interesting beneficial side effect? STRETCH MARKS! Take a look at the picture to the right, which a user named Ed posted.

He claimed to have the most fulfilling workout ever, and needed to go get some cocoa butter for the stretch marks after completely destroying his shoulder workout.

That, my friends, is what happens when you mix a natural testosterone booster with a nitric oxide enhancer like agmatine.

On the acne note, however, with other testosterone boosters, some people get oiler skin, which can lead to shoulder and back acne — this didn’t seem to be a problem with any TEST Powder user in the beta tests though, but stay clean just in case.

What about Cycling and Stacking? How Do I Use This?

Since this is all natural, and not too strong, you do NOT need to take post-cycle therapy (PCT) support. After you use it for a month (4 weeks @ 6 days a week), you simply cycle off for a month.

PCT is what the stronger, more dangerous, and illegal stuff needs. Stay away from illicit drugs and keep to the natural stuff – simply changing your diet and using natural boosters like TEST Powder is far safer.

As a note, some have used TEST Powder as a part of their testosterone support tools after a cycle of the hard stuff – but we’re not even going to discuss that here – it’s just not worth doing. Your liver will thank you.

Using Jack3d Micro, you can build an incredible stack known as the MicroTEST Stack. Jack3d Micro is the new USPLabs pre workout supplement that brings more pumps and some new focus factors over the original Jack3d.

Here’s a great cycle / stack to keep workouts interesting 24/7:

You can rotate through this so that everything is properly cycled, yet you’re always on something that’s giving you crusher workouts. Of course, the times when you can get both TESTPowder and Jack3d Micro lined up together is when you should really expect insane PRs. Line those up with your craziest workout months!

* You can also add in Compound 20, Prime, and PowerFULL if you want to use the entire USPLabs “Asteroid Stack 2.0″ – it’s CRAZY effective but can get costly. For more details on that, check out the TEST Powder STACK page!

But it’s STILL All about FOOD – Real, Whole Foods!

We’re here to talk about TEST Powder, but it goes without saying: If your diet sucks, you’re wasting a lot of your money.

You can’t grow without the right fuel, and the right fuel does NOT mean a bunch of processed crap. You need to eat real, whole foods, and that means a lot of vegetables, natural fats, lean meats, and quality complex carbs.

We have an entire TEST Powder Diet page for you to check out, and you can also sign up to receive the free diet and training e-book here:

I hope USPLabs doesn’t get mad at me for saying this, but true success is built in the kitchen, not in a testosterone booster tub.

I honestly believe that your success is 75% diet, 20% training, and 5% supplementation. TEST Powder will give you that edge – no doubt – but don’t waste it on physique-destroying food! Read the plan and get on board!

Where to Get It?!

There’s really only way place well-informed people buy supplements: ONLINE. You’e going to have more selection, and save nearly 50% off retail – especially if you can skip the sales tax. On this site, we send you to the best-priced store, and I guarantee it’s far cheaper than your local shop. Check the price comparisons (courtesy of priceplow.com) and you’ll see!

What about Women?? Can we Take it Too?

There is very little information on whether or not women should take anything with DAA in it. What are your true goals? As a woman, they can most likely be achieved without this. Many of the ingredients here are safe for women, but I’d be concerned with raising testosterone as much as the D-Aspartic Acid does. We’ll check with USPLabs, but for now, I’d say this is a man’s tool.

Any Questions?

Drop your comments and questions below – we’ll answer quickly.

Otherwise, it’s time to Get Alpha Activated, and turn on beast mode now!

Click Here to Try Test Powder at the best-priced store!

..or see the price compares to the right!

Test Powder Ingredients

Redefining the very limits of natural performance boosters, USP Labs has made their most clinically advanced pre-workout supplement recently available to the public: USP Labs Test Powder. After a wildly successful 2-round beta test, you can now experience the Alpha advantage for yourself!

What is TEST Powder?

USP Labs Test Powder is a natural testosterone boosting powder that is loaded with safe testosterone boosters that pack the body with substantial amounts of energy, resulting in significantly enhanced athletic performance and body composition.

Additionally, these testosterone boosters come with a weight loss component that betters the body’s muscle to fat ratio, and promotes leaner muscle mass. We recommend you follow the diet and training program offered for free on the right side of this site, but …

Read this article (Test Powder Ingredients)

Test Powder Reviews

Average Test Powder Reviews Rating from the Users:

Click Here to leave your personal review or to skip to other user reviews. Otherwise, read on:

As you’re probably aware, Test Powder is USPLabs’ natural testosterone boosting supplement that is clinically formulated to consistently provide you the Alpha advantage – meaning, an improved physicality combined with an optimal athletic performance that is enough to make you the lead dog in the pack.

If you’re a nuts-and-bolts type of guy like I am, you’ll want to know what’s in it first. If that’s the case, check out our Test Powder Ingredients page.

However, it’s one thing to learn about the product from the point of view and understanding of those who made it, and another thing to …

Read this article (Test Powder Reviews)

Test Powder Stack

Supplementation is a two way street. On one hand, if you eat like garbage and don’t give your body the nutrients it needs, no amount of supplementation will ever help you. But on the other hand, if your diet is dialed in, then a little bit of supplementation can go a long way.

TEST Powder brings you an incredible natural testosterone boost, but there’s a whole lot more things that you can do to make it even better. We’re talking about building muscle with protein and creatine, keeping healthy with multivitamins and fish oil, keeping muscle tone when dieting down, and even amplifying your muscle gains with the most epic natural muscle-building stack of 2012 and beyond.

So this is our guide to Stacking Test …

Read this article (Test Powder Stack)

Buy Test Powder

Get ready to unleash your inner Alpha! After 2 rounds of beta-testing, USP labs unleashes its revolutionary Alpha activator: Test Powder.

USP Labs once again redefines the limits of pre-workout supplementation with this latest product. TEST Powder is loaded with testosterone boosters that pack your body with overwhelming energy, giving you a beastly athletic edge.

To be the alpha is what everybody wants! To be the lead dog, to be the main man of the pack. Experience just what it takes to be one with Test Powder.

Why Should I Buy TEST Powder?

If you’ve never heard of TEST Powder before, we have some info on this page. But we have even more info on our main TEST Powder review page, so check that out …

Read this article (Buy Test Powder)

Want more? The articles above have the most info, but our TEST Powder Testosterone-Boosting Blog has workouts, diets, motivation, and details on ALL ingredients!

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